What is an advertorial?

Want to know more ways to reach your target audience? Have you heard anything about advertorials but it is still not clear to you what they are and how they could help you in your business? Then you will find out with our help what they are and how they will help you to promote your business.

In English, “advertorial” is constructed from “advertising” and “editorial”, ie content that is written for advertising purposes. It can be found in both online and offline environments, sometimes accompanied by images, videos or other graphics. The ad is written because someone pays to appear in a publication.

Basic rules when creating an advertorial

You have to write a provocative title . For each of the advertorials you write you will have to choose a convincing title for your target audience. Your article will have to stand out from the sea of ​​ads in which it will be published.

A short text and a call-to-action that urges readers to take action after reading it. The text must be unique, useful, captivating, SEO optimized. Don’t forget to add the contact information of the company you are writing about and end with an effect sentence !

It must look like a real article. In order to be sure that your article is not avoided by readers, you need to write naturally, the quality content being 70% and only 30% promotional information of the respective product / service.

Why do you need advertorials?

Because they are a good way to draw attention to a product / service that you make available to your audience. Also, through well-written advertorials, you will become credible in the eyes of your readers.

From the point of view of the notoriety of your site on the Internet, the advertorials will help you increase your visibility and you will be better positioned in the organic results. Well-written adverts also stimulate the page indexing process. Better positioning, higher authority and even higher  conversion rate!